GCR Global Currency Reset

GCR Global Currency Reset

Global Currency Reset

What is a GCR Global Currency Reset? First of all, lets define a currency reset. A currency reset is a currency revaluation, or currency devaluation. It is when a currency’s value is brought down by market forces and or government, with respect to goods and services.  For example, it’s not that gasoline that gets more expensive, but it’s that the value of money has fallen.

The main benefit of a currency reset is to reduce a country’s trade deficit.  When a country’s debts becomes too large to handle, it may find it difficult to pay its debt. The currency reset triggers a currency ‘s value to fall and its debt becomes easier to pay.  When a country’s currency falls, it makes its products cheaper, in the foreign currency; while helping to increase the country’s exports.

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What is a GCR Global Currency Reset?

In a GCR global currency reset, all of the most significant currencies devalue. In a global currency reset scenario, there could be 100+ countries that devalue their currency.   This has never happened in written history. In the history of the world, a currency in a country falls, and typically there is another strong currency to use.

For example, Germany lost it’s currency three times in a period of fifty years, WWI, Weimer Republic (Hyper inflation), and WWII.  During those periods, many German citizens switched out of German Currency, into Francs, Pounds, or US Dollars.  During these times, there was a high correlation of immigration leaving the country. An excellent book on hyper inflation is When Money Dies, by Adam Ferguso; which goes deeper intot he subject.


How to Protect Yourself from GCR Global Currency Reset?

The book When Money Dies, is a study of inflation or hyper inflation and a good benchmark on how to prepare for a global currency reset.  It has many interesting stories of people who survived hyper inflation.  In such economic times, gold and silver have been the best areas of preserving of value. A waiter in Weimer Germany bought three gold coins from a a foreigner, then later used those coins to buy out right the restaurant he worked at.   If you can not afford gold, you can buy silver. If you can not afford silver, there are ways to obtain silver at below cost.

In addition, all types of farming is beneficial. When there is a currency reset, extra fruit from a tree can be used to barter with.  After the currency reset in Argentina 2001, those Argentinians that had small empty residential lots, used those lots for micro gardening, then used the money to pay off their utility bills.  Even though Spain has not had a currency reset yet,  there are Spaniards planting vegetables on empty lots, to produce extra income.


GCR Global Currency Reset Articles:

Global Currency Reset with the Iraqi Dinar as the lynch pin: “Indeed it will. Since this is a global currency reset these other nations who were financially struggling and purchased dinar at 10 cents on the dollar need the high rate to help pull them out of the hole and give them a stable financial foundation, without having to go into debt again obtaining loans that they can’t pay back. The high rate will only be in place for a short time (up to 30 days at most) and then will drop back down to around $4.88 near the Kuwait dinar rate as it will be revaluing too.” mistsofavalon.heavenforum.org, Carol on Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:25 am, Read More

Global Currency Reset (GCR): “There are many factors pointing to a global currency reset.  We have been in a currency crisis since September, 2008.  For the last five years, the Fed has attempted to resuscitate the world’s reserve currency.  The Saudis are now working to buy nukes to protect themselves.  In the past, the U.S. managed their protection but now the Saudis are publicly disenchanted with America.  Saudi Arabia is moving closer to the Chinese.  When the Saudis announce the departure of oil sales in U.S. Dollars, there will be a major move away from U.S. Bond holdings.  This will cause interest rates to go up on U.S. based borrowings.”  servias.org. Read More

IMF took control of the GCR [Global Currency Reset: “The IMF took control of the GCR on September 5th. We’ve had many alerts since that date thinking that things were finished.” dinaradvice.com, 9/30/13. Read More

Additional GCR Articles:

The Work Involved in Changing a Global Economy: “There was strong expectation that we would see the release of the IQD, along with the Global Currency Reset, and behind-the-scenes intel said that things were moving forward for the imminent release. We learned that the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) was integrated into Nasdaq on July 1.” goldenageofgaia.com, Steve Beckow 8/25/13.  Read More

GCR Global Currency Reset In Process: “All Currencies Are In Meltdown, Dollar Era Drawing To Its End, ‘China Is Taking A Leap Forward To Control World Currency As Renminbi Appreciates To Record Level, 9/13/13,” beforeitsnews.com, investmentwatchblog.com.  Read More

Jim Willie: Gold Fever: “Coming Global Currency Reset Will Double Gold Overnight! My belief is no longer than hyper inflation is inevitable, since already part of current policy now.” 11/10/13 Silverdocters.com, . Read More

Global Currency Reset In Process: “U.S. Ship of State is Sinking, The Rest of The World Is Walking Away From U.S. Treasuries & Dollar, And Wants To Use A New Currency To Escape The Coming Global Inflation.” 99/13, investmentwatchblog.com. Read More

The Significance of the Global Currency Reset: The global currency reset looms, as Scott Mowry has so eloquently described.  (1) Its date keeps getting set back and everything about it is kept firmly under wraps so we can only guess at the reasons for the postponement. But it’s coming nonetheless.” 4/29/13, Steve Beckow,  goldenageofgaia.com, Read More.

China calls for new global currency: “China is calling for a global currency to replace the dominant dollar, showing a growing assertiveness on revamping the world economy ahead of next week’s London summit on the financial crisis.” abcnews.go.com, USAToday. Joe Mcdonald. Read More

WRC World Reserve Currency

WRC World Reserve Currency

What is a (WRC) World Reserve Currency?  WRC is a currency that is used in significant quantities by governments, banking institutions, and individuals, and used both in domestic and international transactions.

The US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world.  It citizens purchases imports.  Because, the  US Citizen does not need to exchange currency, it can borrow money more cheaply.  For many decades, the US Dollar was considered “good as Gold.”  Unfortunately for us, the US Dollar is now considered a currency with risk.


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